17 Hermitage Road

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Call (204) 453-7653 or visit www.castelane.mb.ca for more information.



Is a home something you can measure in square feet? Is it really just granite and stainless steel or is it something more than the hardwood floors and landscaped lawns?


Don't get me wrong. Hugging the banks of the river and boasting around 7000 sq feet worth of living space, 17 Hermitage road, is absolutely built to impress. The gleaming floors, the hand gilded ceiling work, the impeccable crown molding... all these thoughtful details will certainly appeal to those among us with the finest tastes and highest expectations. I mean, just take a look around... There are a thousand little details in every space we move through that are tailored specifically to enhance the visual appeal of this space and that show the quality workmanship and attention to detail required to build a home of this caliber.


But a home is more than just the sum of its parts.


It's where your 5 year old bit into that apple and finally lost her first tooth. It's where your 15 year old knocked holes in the dry wall practicing his stick handling. It's where unforgettable parties start, and where epic afternoon naps start too. Where friends and family share the joy of the good times and help each other through the not so good times. Most importantly, It's the place that holds that warm hug you look forward to at the end of a long day.


It's feels like home, because home is where the love lives. And when home is this one of a kind masterpiece at 17 Hermitage Road, what's not to love?