Preferred Vendor Intake Form

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I'm going to build a Vendor Profile using your headshot and your answers to the questions below. The idea is that each Realtor has a different personality, a different flavour if you like, and homeowners will choose you based on how they feel about you. Just being on the list, they already know that you are a super competent Realtor. Competence is assumed. This is about differentiating yourself from the other people on the list in terms of personality, area of interest and focus. (Once this is launched and we have a strong set of data about incoming traffic and lead conversion, I will be offering you guys the option to have a video profile instead of a headshot, which will attract more business for you. Pricing TBD).

Please take your time and really think about your answers to these questions. Potential clients who see your answers on the selection page will be drawn to your honesty and definitive answers. Don't avoid being controversial or taking a stand. Those are both good. Be yourself as much as you possibly can. You can't make everyone love you all the time (and if you try, you'll come across as boring). But if you're honest and show your real personality, you can make some people love you wholeheartedly and become lifelong loyal clients. Some of these questions may seem trivial, but they are part of the pre-qualifying process of matching you with the RIGHT kind of clients. My goal is to give you the email/phone number of a client who is ready to sell, ready to pay high commission and already has an idea that they want to work with YOU in particular.

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Being on the Preferred Vendor list means that you agree to use Click Splash Wow for all your listing photos and videos for as long as you are on the list.
I commit to Shooting at least 10 homes with Click Splash Wow per year.